Many times, we see people trying to sell their Branding or Marketing services with high-end terminologies that surely are meaningful in their conversation (mostly to themselves), but adversely leaves at least some of the customers baffled. And note, you are losing them at first sight. Dear Marketing professionals, the elementary lesson I learnt being in... Continue Reading →

Corporate Profile/ Company profile – Things you need to know

Are you in need of an impressive Company Profile? If yes, get in touch. We can help you portray your business in the form of an effective Corporate Profile. What is a Company Profile/ Corporate Profile? A Company profile is not just a beautifully designed booklet with your corporate identity. But it is the clear... Continue Reading →

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is no more a service meant just for celebrities. But, it is for individuals whose names need to be integrated with the set of skills and expertise that makes the packaged identity that sells in the job market,  just like any branded product that sells in the market. In today’s highly competitive grounds... Continue Reading →

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